12 Signs of Breast Cancer Revealed

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Breast cancer can happen to any woman because all of them have breast tissue. This type of cancer is one of the most common illnesses in the world after skin cancer. Breast cancer starts as a growth of cells in the important breast tissue. Here you have 12 signs of breast cancer revealed.

Changes in Breast Color, Size and Appearance

People with white skin will see that the tissue of their breasts change their colors from white to red. This is a sign that things are not going the way they should, and you have to be careful when you see this situation.

People with black skin will see the tissues of their breasts turn to red or darker than the other parts of the breasts. People with breast cancer see a change in terms of size in their breasts. The appearance of the breast will also change.

Peeling, Dimpled Breast, Swelling

People with breast cancer might see that their breasts are scaling, peeling, flaking, or crusting. They might also see that the skin of the breast looks dimpled or like any orange peel. The important nipple might turn inward or look flattened. 

The tissue of the breast might feel different from the other tissues of the body too. You might also feel that the breast is swelling. The chest and the armpit might suffer from the same situation as well. 

Nipple Discharge, Rare Feelings, and Feeling Unwell

People with breast cancer might also see that their nipples are discharging. Blood might also be present in the discharge, and that truly is something to think about. Breast cancer can cause pain in your breast or armpit that will not go away, which is truly a problem.

Changes in your breast might not look normal, and that might be a symptom of breast cancer. You should see a doctor if you are experiencing this situation. You might also feel unwell and you do not know why.

Feeling Tired

People might experience what is called secondary breast cancer. This type of cancer happens when the symptoms of breast cancer spread to other parts of the body. You might lose weight without any effort on your part.

You might also feel sick and have issues trying to sleep well. Your energy will decrease if you have secondary breast cancer, so you have to think about it. A new lump might be seen on your breast if you have breast cancer as well.

Dimpling, Pain and Prickly Feeling

Dimpling might also happen to you if you have breast cancer. You might also feel some sort of irritation on your breast when you have breast cancer. Pain in the important nipple area might happen to you when you have this type of cancer.

If you feel that your nippple hurts, this might be another reason to think that you have breast cancer. Any prickly feeling might be a sign of breast cancer, and you have to be aware of this at all times.

Marble-like Area, Large Lumps

You might also see a marble-like area on your breast, which is a sign that breast cancer is in your body too. If you see a large lump with some irregular edges, this might also be a sign of breast cancer. 

People with breast cancer might see a soft lump with some rounded edges. So, you just need to take a look at the lump so you can find the truth. If you are over 40, get regular mammograms so you can know what is truly happening.

 Cysts, Fibroadenomas 

Cysts are just a collection of some fluids. They are harmless most of the time, but they might also be a sign that you might have breast cancer down the road. This is true because cysts might cause lumps in your breast.

Fibroadenomas are commonly produced by hormones that regulate your important period. The good news is that they do not require any type of treatment and might even shrink over time. Infections in your breast can also cause lumps down the road.

Looking Different, Headaches, and Nausea

If you see that your breasts are not looking as they should (one of them might be bigger than the other), this might be a sign of future breast cancer. You might even have problems breathing and even some headaches from time to time.

People with any sort of breast cancer might have vision problems. Nausea and loss of appetite might also be present when you have any sort of skin cancer. Muscle weakness is another symptom of breast cancer that you need to think about.

Change in Contour

There might be a change in your breasts in terms of contour when you have breast cancer. So take a look at the contour of your breasts right away so you can find the truth. 

Nipple Retraction and Lymph Nodes

If your nipples are turning inward, you might have breast cancer. This is called nipple retraction. You might also have some lymph nodes right under your arms, and that might be a real problem for you down the line. You might also see some new breast mass that should not be there at all.


If you see a lump around the breast area, this might be a symptom of breast cancer. Your underarm might also have a lump, so take a look at this area right away. 

Enlargement of Pores

You might also see an enlargement of pores around the area of your breast. This might be a symptom of breast cancer.

Go to an experienced health professional if you see any of the symptoms associated with breast cancer so you can have more chances of dealing with it successfully in the future.


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