Asana Yoga

We are always in search of the holy grail of health. Therefore, we need to find things like yoga to help us feel better. We will talk here about asana yoga and how you can benefit from it. So, read on so you can reap the benefits of this article.


The famous asana yoga is just another name for poses. Yes, asana yoga is all about poses. So, asana yoga is just part of yoga. As a yoga practitioner, you can use many parts of yoga like breathing exercises and pranayama as well.


If you want to reduce your anxiety, asana yoga is for you. Furthermore, people with mental tiredness will benefit from asana yoga too. If you are suffering from a high level of stress, use asana yoga so you can get rid of it in no time.

An asana yoga practitioner will benefit a lot from it when it comes to stretching his or her spine or chest. The practice of asana yoga will correct many postures of your body as well.

If you want to take your muscles to a new level, asana yoga is for you. The constant practice of asana yoga will do wonders for your body, and that is truly awesome for you down the line.

Your leg pain could be a thing of the past if you practice asana yoga right away. Calming your brain is another benefit that you get when you practice asana yoga on a regular basis.

If you have been suffering from stiffness of your spine, look no further because asana yoga is what the doctor ordered. Yes, this ancient practice can do wonders for your spine in no time, and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Folks suffering from stomach pain should practice asana yoga so they can truly get the relief they have been looking for so long. The famous asana yoga will increase the power of your lunges in no time flat.

Types of Asanas

There are many types of asanas out there. You can use them so you can take your consciousness to a whole new level of bliss and power. These are some types of asanas that you can use:

  • Handstand. This type of pose is all about using an inverted vertical position, which is truly awesome. You will be using your hands to achieve this goal down the line. You have to be prepared to use a handstand because it will demand a lot from your joints and muscles.
  • Akarna Dhanurasana. Akarna Dhanurasana is all about resembling an archer who is ready to release the row. Akarna Dhanurasana is created by stretching your legs and pulling your feet towards the ear from an important sitting position.
  • Sleeping Vishnu Pose. The amazing Sleeping Vishnu Pose is all about attaining a lying position right away. You will give support to your head by using one hand. The upper arm should be on the ground truly on that side. Your leg and other hand should be straight up. Your fingers should be grasping the big toe of your raised foot.
  • Savasana. This pose will make you fix your attention on your important inner-self, and that is truly awesome for you too. It can rejuvenate your body and mind right away, which is amazing. This technique requires you to lie down like a corpse on the floor. So you will be completely on your back and relaxed. Your hands have to be away from your body and your legs apart. Your palms must face forward. Concentrate on relaxing your muscles after closing your eyes.

What about the beginners?

If you are a beginner, you should take a look at the following five poses. We will show you the poses that you can use as an asana yoga beginner, and they are full of benefits.

  • Tadasana. This pose is all about standing, and it is pretty easy for any asana yoga beginner out there. This pose is awesome because it is the basis for the oher asana yoga poses that you will see here. Tadasana is all about working on your legs and torso after grounding yourself. The pose is a godsend for any beginner because it can ease your anxiety in no time.
  • Uttanasana. This pose requires taking a deep breath. You have to lift your arms up and to the sides after you inhale. They must be over your head. Release your arms when you exhale. You have to fold your torso right over your legs. Your knees should have a nice bend. Remember that your hamstrings might be cold when  you perform this exercise but you just need to be gentle with them. You have to straighten your legs as far as they feel good. Put your hands on the floor, shins, or feet.
  • Plank pose. This active pose will work on each one of your muscles, which is truly awesome for you too. Bend your knees after putting your hands just flat on the floor. Step back just one leg at a time. Keep your legs engaged and parallel. Work on your arms and core by taking a couple of deep breaths.
  • Downward Dog Pose. This is an inversion asana that tends to be practiced with a flowing sequence of poses. Your shoulders will have more power and you will notice it in no time flat. In fact, this type of asana is one of the most popular poses of yoga out there.
  • Balasana. This pose is awesome if you want  your nervous system to get a relief as soon as possible. Yes, this pose can do that for you and then some. First off, take a deep breath. Release your knees right to the floor when you exhale. Pull the hips right back to your knees. Your forehead must rest on the floor. Your palms must be up near your feet.


You should avoid practicing asana yoga if you do not feel well to do it. If you have an illness that makes you feel tired, then stop doing this. You need to be in good shape to reap the benefits of asana yoga.

If you are pregnant, avoid practicing asana yoga right away. Perform some pranayama and relaxation techniques if you are in this situation instead. If you are eating lunch, refrain from practicing asana yoga right after finishing. Do this and stay out of trouble for a long time.

Avoid any sort of strenuous exercise after yoga. Practicing yoga during extreme weather conditions is something to be avoided. Do not practice asana yoga if your stomach is full. An empty stomach is required if you want to take the most out of your asana yoga practice right away.


As you can see, asana yoga can do wonders for you. It can take your nervous system to a new level, and that is just part of the equation. Yes, asana yoga is awesome and you will not have to pay an arm and a leg. Just use the poses that we have used here and reap the benefits in no time.


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