How To Meditate In Bed

Your bed is an awesome place to start meditating. You want to know how to meditate in bed, and we will give you just that. So read on so you can get what you want.

Set a Time Limit and Notice Your Body

You have to set a time limit for your meditation. This will allow you to better understand what you have to do. Make sure that you notice your body in any position that you might be.

Breath and Wandering Mind

Feel your breath as it goes in and out. This will allow you to have a higher level of concentration. If your mind has wandered off, do not worry. This is normal and you just have to focus on your breath.

Remember that a wandering mind is not bad at all, so just go and focus your attention on your breath. This will allow you to truly do what you have to do to get results when meditating.

Loosing Your Body

Loose your body from your toes to your head. This will allow you to enjoy a sense of proportion and concentration in no time. Breath deeply so you can take your concentration to new levels.

You have to be concentrated on the present moment. Do not worry too much if your mind is wandering off here and there. Just focus your attention on this moment and do not let your wandering mind control you.

Time and The Present

Twenty minutes is fine if you are just starting out with meditation. But there is no rule about the amount of time that you can use for meditation. So, 20 minutes might be fine for you as well.

I cannot stress enough the fact that mindfulness is essential here. Be in the present moment all the time while you are meditating. Do this and you will see for yourself what meditation can do for you.

The connection with your body is essential. You have to concentrate on your senses. What about your eyes? How do they feel? You need to be aware of your senses while meditating. 

When you choose the time to start meditating, you have to stick to it. Meditating at the same time day in and day out will produce a sense of purpose, which is truly useful for you down the line.

Breath In and Out

You can start meditating after breathing in. Concentrate on breathing in and out. When you are breathing in, say “breath in”. When you are breathing out, say “breath out”. As you can see, meditating is quite easy and you will have no trouble doing the right things.

Focus on the repetition of these things for 20 minutes. This will allow you to do the right things at the right time. You have to refocus on the breath when you are experiencing a wandering mind.

Resuming Your Meditation

Resuming your meditation is easy. You can do it after pausing for a moment to see what’s going on with your mind. If your mind is wandering, you have to stop right away. Focus on the present and do not beat yourself up.

You have to resume your meditation after your mind is wandering off. This is natural and you just have to take a close look at what is happening. Then, go back to the present and focus your attention on your breath.

Focus on Your Body

Remember that you can use different parts of your body as a point of focus. For instance, you can focus on your toes or fingers. Yes, that is easy and you can do it right away without hesitation.

Keep in mind that your mind will be wandering off, so you just need to refocus your attention on the present and the part of your body that you have chosen. Do it and enjoy your meditation session in no time.

Body Scan

Scan your body to find the perfect place to focus on. Start with the top of your head, feel your scalp and go down. Yes, this is entertaining and you will love it. Go down to your face, your neck, and other parts of your body.

You will start to feel a wide range of sensations from pleasant to unpleasant. Do not focus on these sensations, just keep your mind focused on the part of the body that you have chosen.

During these sessions your mind will be wandering off. Do not worry about it and just focus again on the present moment and enjoy it. Remember that enjoyment is important and you can do it with meditation.

No Daydreaming and Mind Control

Meditation is about being here in the now. Do not judge your thoughts as they happen. Instead, focus on the present moment. It is normal to start wandering off from time to time, but you have to go back to the present moment when this happens.

You will notice a reduction of stress in your life if you practice meditation. This is normal because stress is related to mindfulness, and you will take control of your mind if you practice meditation seriously.

Mindful Eating

Mindful eating is about concentrating your mind on eating anything. This will allow you to add some variety to your normal meditation on your bed, and you will reap the benefits in no time. This will allow you to feel many things that were not part of your life.

Concentrate on what’s going on with your body while you eat. Do you feel tired? Is your mouth salivating more often? Concentrate on the sensations that your body is feeling and you will have tons of fun in no time.


We have talked about meditation in bed and how you can do it properly. Remember that mind concentration is an important part of mediating and you should not worry about it. Your mind will wander off and you should be happy with it.

Remember that you have to focus on the present moment while meditating in bed, and that will give you a sense of power that you will truly enjoy right away.


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