Paleo Diet Vs Keto

If you are looking for information on paleo diet vs keto, then you are in the right place. We will start off by talking about the paleo diet, and then we will finish off by giving you information on keto.

Paleo Diet

The paleo diet is all about eating food that we might have eaten in the paleolithic era which dates back from 2.5 million to even 10,000 years ago. This type of diet is based on seeds, nuts, eggs, fish, lean meats, fruits, and veggies.

These types of food are easy to get by just gathering and hunting. Some of the names used to describe the famous paleo diet are caveman diet and hunter-gatherer diet. The paleo diet fans say that our bodies are just adjusted to the modern-era diet when using the paleo diet.

Paleo fans say that diabetes, heart diseases, and obesity are part of the modern diet. They say that the paleo diet is the type of diet that people can easily adapt to. People wanting to lose weight or avoid cardiovascular diseases are said to use a paleo diet with this in mind.

The paleo diet is all about avoiding processed foods. But there is a problem: the paleo diet does not have a wide array of different food groups. That is an issue because it might make the diet become boring down the line.

The studies carried out about paleo diets are limited in the number of people used and days. So, there is no reliable data about the paleo diet from the scientific community as far as I know. 

The paleo diet might aid you with the following:

  • Weight loss.
  • Cholesterol.
  • Triglycerides.
  • Blood pressure


One of the problems often cited about the famous paleo diet is the lack of legumes and whole grains. This happens because these foods are rich sources of proteins, fiber, and vitamins. And the same is true for low-fat dairy products.

Whole grains, legumes, and dairy products are foods that can be bought easily and are generally available in good quantities. So, they are part of an easy-to-follow diet, and we appreciate that too.

If you are not getting the right nutrients for your body, then you will be in trouble one day. So, this is something to take into consideration when using a diet like the paleo one. Eating a mediterranean diet is a healthy habit, which has been demonstrated over many studies.

What You Can Include in Paleo

High-quality red wine is awesome if you are on the paleo diet as it is rich in antioxidants, polyphenols, and many other ingredients. Dark chocolate is also fine for you in moderate quantities if you are on the paleo diet as it is rich in antioxidants, iron, and magnesium. 

Keto Diet

The keto diet is all about replacing carbs with fat so that your body starts to burn fat as soon as possible. This will allow your body to get the energy it needs to function properly over time.

Studies suggest that the keto diet can benefit you in a wide array of ways such as:

  • Weight loss.
  • Health improvements.
  • Fight diabetes.
  • Fight cancer.
  • Fight epilepsy.

Ketosis is the metabolic state that the keto diet produces. Your body will start to burn fat when it needs energy. Your brain will get tons of energy from the ketones that your body will produce in the kidneys. Your body will start to experience a loss of insulin and blood sugar too.

What You Will Be Eating

The keto diet has many version such as:

  • Standard. The standard keto diet is high in fat, moderate in proteins, and low in carbs.
  • Cyclical. This has to do with small periods of high-fat refeeds. 
  • Targeted. It is all about adding carbs just around workouts.
  • High-protein keto. It is like the standard diet but it has more proteins.

If you are an athlete or a bodybuilder, you will opt for the targeted or cyclical keto diets. So, most people will use the high-protein or the standard keto diets. Only these (high-protein and standard) have been studied a lot, so you are better off with these two types of diet too.

About Ketosis

This state of your body is all about limiting the amount of carbs and generating tons of fat. This will make your body use fat for energy instead of glucose (sugar). 

With a keto diet, you will be consuming up to 50 grams of carbs per day. So, you will be filling up your body with nuts, eggs, fish, and meat. The consumption of proteins should be moderate because they can be easily converted into energy by the body when consumed in high quantities.

Some people practice something called intermittent fasting so that they can enter into ketosis right away. You might have entered into ketosis if you are experiencing the following symptoms;

  • Frequent urination.
  • Increased thirst.
  • Dry mouth,
  • Decreased hunger or appetite.

Will You Lose Weight With A Keto Diet?

Some studies suggest that keto diet is effective at making anybody lose weight or avoid many diseases. Some other studies suggest that a keto diet is better than a low-fat diet too. So, keep these things in mind and think positive about keto diets.


We have talked about both the paleo diet and the keto diet. These types of diets seem to work. You should also get professional counsel if you want to avoid problems with these types of diets too.


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