Rare Mental Disorders

If you are curious about rare mental disorders, we are going to give you information about them right away. Just keep reading and enjoy this article about rare mental disorders.

Stendhal Syndrome

The famous Stendhal syndrome happens when you experience dysautonomic symptoms such as chest pain, tachycardia, diaphoresis, and loss of consciousness. People experience these things when you see a beautiful piece of architecture or work. 

According to the famous Dr. Ota’s findings, people experience the above symptoms when they face a different way of life or culture than their own. It is also useful to know that different scientists used different names for this health issue such as the Paris syndrome and many others. People from Europe seem to be more likely to suffer from this health condition too.

Body Integrity Dysphoria

Body Integrity Dysphoria happens when someone thinks that a heavy part of his or her body should not be there. This seems to be a truly rare mental health condition because it is rare when you think this type of thing about your own body.

The part of your body that you think should not be part of your body at all might be in a healthy condition. So, body integrity dysphoria makes you believe that you should live without that particular part of your body. You might also want to amputate that part of your body, which is truly dangerous.

Factitious Disorder

The factitious disorder happens when someone produces the symptoms of an illness without having an illness at all. This is truly a rare mental health condition and you might  see tons of people with this illness out there.

People with factitious disorder will do rare things such as mimicking the behavior of a mental illness such as schizophrenia. You will see this person making absurd statements and much more, and you should not be surprised. People under the care of someone with factitious disorder will be used as a target for this person to reproduce the symptoms of an illness.

Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

The famous Alice in Wonderland Syndrome happens when you perceive objects incorrectly in terms of size. You will also perceive parts of your body the wrong way, and that is truly an interesting fact after all.

One interesting fact about this mental health condition is that it is not known what causes it after all. At night people have the most common perceptions when they have this rare mental illness. These are some of its causes: temporal lobe epilepsy, brain tumors, and migraine. You will not find a cure for this health condition out there too.

Cotard Delusion

Cotard Delusion happens when someone thinks that part of his or her body does not exist or is dying. Some psychotic disorders and even depression are part of the life of someone with this mental health condition.

People living with Cotard Delusion tend to think that nothing has value at all and that life is meaningless. That is also called nihilism. They also think that nothing exists at all too. People with Cotard Delusion might think that they are rotting away or even dead. These people tend to suffer from depression too, and hallucinations and anxiety are also part of their lives.

Fregoli Syndrome

The famous Fregoli Syndrome happens to someone when he or she believes that different people are in fact the same person. They tend to think that the person is changing appearances somehow too.

People suffering from Fregoli Syndrome tend to think that some people out there are persecuting them, and that is just a delusion after all. They also tend to recall places and events inaccurately. There is also a breakdown when it comes to face perceptions, and that happens to these people all the time. Some of its symptoms include deficit of executive functions, hallucinations, delusions, and self-awareness deficit.

Capgras Syndrome

Capgras Syndrome happens to someone when he or she believes that a duplicate has replaced someone significant to his or her life. That is a false belief after all, and that is all. People with brain damage can also suffer from Capgras Syndrome down the road.

People with Capgras Syndrome will suffer from problems related to facial recognition and memory deficits. They will also tend to be dangerous because they are willing to use violence as a means of getting what they want, and that can prove to be quite problematic for them down the road.

Delusional Parasitosis

Delusional Parasitosis happens to someone when he or she thinks that a parasite or arthropod is infecting his or her body. People with a history of travel tend to suffer from Delusional Parasitosis the most.

Itching and skin sensation might also affect the life of someone living with Delusional Parasitosis too. Fatigue, pain, and weakness can also be present in the body of someone affected with this disease too.

Gastrointestinal problems such as feeling movements in the gut or diarrhea can also be experienced by someone living with Delusional Parasitosis. Bipolar disease and alcoholism might also be experienced by someone with Delusional Parasitosis.

Clinical Lycanthropy

Clinical Lycanthropy is a rare condition where a patient thinks he or she is a wolf. Can you believe it? Yes, it happens. Mood regulators and antidepressants might also be used to treat this mental condition when someone suffers from depression or mania.

Doctors tend to use both a cultural and a scientific approach when dealing with Clinical Lycanthropy because they understand that these two roads can lead to an effective treatment  down the line. People living with Clinical Lycanthropy tend to think that hair is growing in their faces, trunks, and other parts of their bodies.

We have talked about rare mental disorders. We hope that you have found what you have been looking for because we did this with love for you. Most of these mental conditions have to do with the brain and how it works, but further research is needed to understand what is truly happening.


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