Sex Advice For Men



Looking for sex advice for men? If so, you are in the right place. We will talk a little bit about tips to help you live a better sex life. So, read on so you can reap the benefits right away.

Good Hygiene

Practicing good hygiene will make your partner see you as a reliable partner because you care about yourself. So, keep your nails short and trim pelvic hair so you can avoid the buildup of bacteria there.

Wear clean underwear and wash your hands before sex. These little things can go a long way if you put them together down the road. If you use sex toys, you have to clean them right away.


Foreplay is important because you will increase your current level of satisfaction and passion if you do it. Foreplay is awesome because it will allow you to explore the needs and desires of your partner as soon as possible.

Holistic Approach

You should use a holistic approach when having sex. Use your tongue, fingers, and mouth in creative ways so you can see for yourself what this will do. Your partner will feel more satisfied when you use your creativity to take her erotic zones to a new level of pleasure.

Manual stimulation will help your partner get the orgasm she needs. A massage to your partner’s clitoris during penetration is useful if you want to improve your sex life in no time. Use your partner’s body language to find out more about her desires too, so go with the flow and have fun.


Using lubricants will prove to be a good idea since they will allow you to decrease friction over time. You might feel discouraged if you deal with someone with vaginal dryness. But you have to understand that this situation is common in mature women.

I personally hate anal play, but some people love it. If you are one of those people, lube will be a must. You can buy lube with special temperatures and flavors, and this will prove to be a great enhancer of your sex life down the road.

Communication and Being Spontaneous 

Since your partner cannot read your mind, you have to share your desires and wants with her. Ask her about what she needs or wants and you will help improve your sex life in ways you cannot foresee today.

Being spontaneous will allow you to take your sex life to a new level. Try different positions and roles so you can truly enhance your sex life. Break the old bedroom routine with spontaneous things now. 

Role Playing and Massage

Role playing is awesome because you will be acting out your sexual fantasies, which might be deep desires in your mind. You can become, for example, a doctor and start playing to have fun.

Be willing to experiment and open because these traits will allow you to take your sex life to a new level as soon as possible. And you can even start with a massage to surprise your partner right away.

New Positions and Eat Healthy

Trying out new positions will be awesome too. Do it and see for yourself how good this is for your sex life. This will allow you to have frequent sex and you will not become bored down the line.

Falling into a routine is something that you have to avoid at all cost. Stimulating different parts of your partner’s body will become truly awesome for both of you. Eat food rich in nutrients too. You have to do this because your health is important.

So minimize the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Aphrodisiacs will allow you to increase sexual desire. So consume chocolate if you want to eat an aphrodisiac that works well.

Compliments and Her Name

If you like the things you see in the bedroom you should say it. This is very empowering stuff and your partner will appreciate it. We like compliments, and you should make the most of them while having sex.

The goal is sexual expression and exploration, so a little bit of compliments here and there can go a long way. Do it and you will see for yourself what this can do for you right away.

Mention the name of your sexual partner as much as you can. This is very empowering stuff, and your partner will feel desired. Women love being desired, and you should mention her name to add some spice to this.


Warnings are powerful when it comes to sex. Your partner will feel happy if you warn her before finishing off in her beautiful mouth. I know that this seems to be a little bit weird, but it is truly awesome for both.

Remember that communication here is key. Let your partner know what you like and what you do not like. That is the way to a better sex life because things will be clear for both of you if you do this.

Erectile Dysfunction

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction you can do some things to deal with it. For instance, you should reduce your alcohol intake right away. Meditation and exercising will be awesome for you as well.

Stop smoking and any illegal drug that you might be using. If you are overweight, try to lose weight as soon as possible. If you are stressed often, this could lead to erectile dysfunction, so seek advice about it as soon as possible.


Do not jump out of the bed right away after finishing off. Instead let your sexual partner know what you think. Try to get closer together by using a smart conversation. Do this and you will see amazing things happening.


We have talked about the things you can do to take your sex life to a new level. Remember that foreplay and afterplay are great ways to boost your sex life. Let your partner know how good it is for you to have sex with her. A massage can be awesome, and compliments are powerful when it comes to sex.


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